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Must Read: V.V.I.P (Very Very Important P……) - Season 1 - Episode 11
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Doyin was in tears on her knees begging Roland…

Doyin: Please I’m sorry, I will change my ways. Please don’t leave me, please I beg you.

Roland: Don’t touch me, stop it… I’m sorry, we just can’t continue, we are not compatible

Doyin: Haaa!

Roland: I’ve found someone else, I’m now living a new life, old things are passed away.

Doyin: How can you do this to me, what have I done? So you were lying to me before?

Roland: Lie?

Doyin: Yes (burst into tears)… You deceived me, you made me abort that baby just to get rid of me
Roland’s conscience pricks him…

Roland: Isn’t it better?

Doyin: Better? Roland you ruined my life, now you want to leave me for another girl. It is now I’m now a bad influence to you, after several abortions.

Roland: Oh please, old things are passed away.

Doyin: Oh my God…

Roland: See, come and be leaving… Your no longer welcome

Doyin: It’s me Doyin (crying bitterly)

Roland: Stand up and be going abeg
Roland eventually threw her out of his room…

Doyin was immensely heartbroken and sad.

She couldn’t bear the shame, cos her friends had warned her about her relationship, she even has a tattoo in his name. She cried sorrowfully, she was betrayed. Her friends sympathizing with her…

In Doyin’s room… Embattled Doyin pacing up and down, smoking and crying

Friend 1: Babe, it’s okay… Just calm down, you just have to forget about him and move on

Doyin: Forget about him? Just like that? You think it’s that easy to forget someone like that.

Friend 2: That’s life for you, you just have to move on… At least we warned you, didn’t you see the signs? You saw it, he slept with your former roommate, slept with Dupe and lot more, yet you still stick your head in that fruitless relationship.

Doyin: I was in love, I love Roland… I love Roland, I love him so much (crying bitterly), I should have listed to you guys but I was blinded by love.

Friend 1: It is okay, just forget it.

You’ve learned your lessons now, you were just too easy.

Doyin: Haaa, after how many abortion, how I used to spend my money to feed him, is it how he used to beat me in public, all the domestic violence I suffered. I used to wash his clothes, his boxers, after all the blowjobs, he even had S£x with me the last time to fool so as the abort my pregnancy. I have suffered, Haaa, God see my life.

Friend 2: Stop it, stop saying all this, you don’t need it…

Friend 1: You will find someone else better than him, I know God will send your own man to you.

Doyin: It is Roland that I want (crying)

Friends: It’s okay, it’s okay…

Her friends petting her, hugging her but she kept on crying…

Doyin: Where do I start from? Everyone on campus knows we are dating, everyone knows, I will now be a laughing stock.

Friend 2: It’s okay girlfriend… You will overcome it
Few days later, Heartbroken Doyin sought after Roland’s friend, Dozie. She wanted to know the person Roland is now dating. Since Roland has been avoiding her, not picking her calls, cos she tried begging but Roland was done with her. So she went to Dozie’s place to make enquiries about the new girl.

In Dozie’s Apartment…

Dozie: Doyin what happened to you? Are you okay? You don’t look alright.

Doyin: Please who is the new girl?

Dozie: New girl? (confused) I don’t understand

Doyin: So you don’t know?

Dozie: Know what?

Doyin: Roland broke up with me, he said he’s a new person now…. I don’t even understand ( crying)

Dozie: Damn! I’m just hearing this, I know nothing about it, I swear… Please stop crying, please
Trying to pet her…

Dozie: We hardly talk these days, we hardly see, ever since he met the new and started going to that church, he just changed all of a sudden. I swear, I’m even confused.

Doyin: Do you know this new girl?

Dozie: I don’t even know this girl, I don’t even care since he said he doesn’t wanna roll with us anymore. Although I think I know the church they both attend.

Doyin: Really? Please give me

Dozie: I think I still have the flier he gave me the last time, only God knows where I kept it. Let me quickly search for it

Doyin: Please do.

Dozie quickly search for the flier, fortunately he found it…

Dozie: I found it.

QHe gave it to her, she thanked him, as she quickly rushes out of his place.

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