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Must Read: My Missing Rib (The Stranger) - Season 1 - Episode 11
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Adam came out from his room when Mr Stanley picked the call. His dressing was totally odd and.. and.. I wish you could see him: he wore a voluminous short skirt with white stockings which length got to his knees. On his feet were his usual black shores. He wore a white shirt which he tucked in properly in the skirt and combed his beards too. His chewing stick never departed from his mouth.

"What do you mean by nobody?" Mr Stanley was still asking on the phone while others, especially his wife stared at him.

"Mr Stanley, how much do you love your son?" Lawrence asked.

"My son?!" Mr Stanley stood up. Hearing that, others also stood up sharply staring at him in anticipation, then Adam moved closer to him. "Please, i love my son so much, where is he?"

"Good, you will see him sooner than you think if only you comply and co-operate"

"Please, anything"

"You will pay a ransom of two billion naira in less that two weeks"

"Two.. two.. two what?! Where do you expect... hello.. hello..." the line had gone dead already then Mr Stanley brought down the phone slowly.
He couldn't do anything but to stare at everybody with an open mouth.

"My husband, have they seen my son?" the wife moved closer.

"Sir, who called you?" Judeson added.

"Master, let the cat out of the bag?" Adam anxiously removed his chewing stick.

"Nobody called me" Mr Stanley replied then judeson, Celestina and Mrs Stanley glanced at one another as to say: IS HE GETTING MAD?

"My husband you just received a phone call now. Why saying nobody called you?" the wife asked.

"I mean she said her name is Nobody" Mr Stanley replied with an open arms.

"So what did the Nobody say?" Adam asked.

"She said that she has my son, Steve"

"Heeii! Thank God!" Mrs Stanley raised her hands up.

"I said it!" Adam began. "That nobody can estimate the memorandum philosophy of existentialism which emerged in it's contemporary form in Paris following World War II. At first, it appeared to be a philosophical fad whose practitioners expounded their thoughts in cafes far removed from the professional precincts of university philosophers. But now it has gained momentum by invading virtually every form of human thought and expression uproariously..."

"Shut up!" Mr Stanley interrupted him. "Why can't you allow me to finish before you start breaking this house down with your

"I'm sorry master, I'm was only trying to infuse that your son is still in existence just as i predicted. Listen master, the great Philosophers, Soren Kierkegaard and..."

"Just shut up!" Mr Stanley interrupted again and looked at his wife. "I think my son is being kidnapped because the Nobody is demanding for two billion naira from me as an exchange to my son's life" he added.

"Two billion what?!" Judeson exclaimed.
"Mon dieu!" Adam exclaimed too staring at the ceiling. Meanwhile, Mrs Stanley had already fainted trying to fall on the floor but Celestina caught her...

Back to the unknown land, Steve's voice could be heard from Buboy's tent saying, "My suspicion was right, they have hidden cameras here and i must make sure all are removed then we escape. For crying out loud, why is everybody showing no concern of leaving this place?! I made an attempt but what did i get in return?!"

"We can't escape from these people" Buboy said calmly.

"You lie, you're a big lair!" Steve objected.

"Where do you know we are escaping to?"

"Anyway! Even if it takes us days journey, is better than being killed here!" Steve concluded.
As he came out from the tent angrily, so as Stella came out from her father's tent drying her tears too. Her sister, Thelma was holding her shoulder while she stared at Steve who was also staring at her for a long time. But when Thelma saw the gaze not to be ordinary, she said, "Hey, stop looking at him. What has this stranger done to you? Please, lets go" she dragged Stella by the hand into their own tent, yet Steve never stop staring at her. He averted his eyes and went back to the position where he was looking for signal. He saw the camera and shook his head positively and began to look for another one.

Mrs Stanley was totally awake. Celestina held her round the shoulder while the three men kept standing.

"But how was Steve kidnapped?" Judeson broke the silence.

"That's what I'm still thinking" Mr Stanley replied.

"Yes.." Adam removed his stick. "Let's ask the driver who took him to the airport" he suggested.

"Good idea"

The driver was called immediately and interrogated seriously.

"Oga, i swear" the driver began with a car key jingling in his hand. "I personally drove Steve to the airport and watched him enter the plane. I waited there until the plane took off. He even gave me some money" he explained sincerely.

"Then how come he was kidnapped?" Judeson was still asking.

"Hmm... I'm pugnacious right now" Adam concluded...

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